Calendar link not loading in Shopify

Hi everyone,
I’m having a problem loading the YCBM script on my Shopify website (specifically on the product pages).
After loading the page, here’s the error that shows up in the console: “YCBM EMBED:No script tag found. Have you added the data-domain attribute?”
However, I checked my script and the data-domain attribute is there and set up as it should be <script src="" async="true" data-domain="barthmontecarlo" data-type="text-link"></script>

I realise the issue could be specific to Shopify, but I’m able to load other inline scripts on this page, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t load this one.
Also, bonus question: can you load the script twice? I’d like my link to show up on the page twice in 2 different locations.

Many thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

@cyrilm having the script on your page twice shouldn’t be a problem. I would like to learn more about this and help you individually. I will send you a direct message so I can get more details.