Please bring back option for old style

The new style that wants to take up an entire page, won’t fit in the iframe we had set up. It looks really junky. Seems as though every year I have to rework the page on our site that has the seasonal signup calendar.

@ihc_admin I am sorry you hit a snag with your embed. I’ll send you a direct message and you can share the URL and we can have a closer look.

My apologies, Ben. I got a bounceback when I replied to your direct message. Then I was gone for a week. I am just going to devote an entire page to the YCBM iframe display and the members can suck it up. I do all the web programming & maintenance for free for this teeny-tiny non-profit and it’s not the only one. I don’t have oodles of time having spend hours in the past, getting things to look good.

@ihc_admin no worries. I get it. For the new experience it should be fitting into any frame you setup and may default to a mobile version. But as you mentioned setting a page dedicated to the booking grid for full display is an option too.

The fact that you are helping so many people is awesome. Let me know if there is anything at all I can help with to make your job a bit easier!