Support for schools impacted by COVID-19

To help our users in state-run schools who are facing whole-school closures, we’re offering upgraded accounts for free during the COVID-19 crisis. To see if you’re eligible for a free account during this time, navigate to your Account page and click Support for schools . There will be a brief in-take form and your application will be reviewed.

Hello, I couldn’t find a better place to contact you about this, but I was rejected from the education upgrade and am not sure why. Could you let me know what is wrong with my account or the way that I requested the upgrade? Thanks for your time and help.

Hi -

I was able to find your request for eligibility. I didn’t find the account you requested it for. After reviewing it does look like you should be eligible.

Please make the request again with the account you wish to have the special plan applied to.


Hi Anna, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I changed the email and username to help people in my department recognize my account so that might have caused an issue. I unfortunately can’t seem to request it again. I just see a message that says that I don’t qualify. Any other suggestions?

I’m emailing you directly to follow up - thanks!