Available but showing Unavailable

My availability here: https://wabrannon-financialadvisory.youcanbook.me/ does not reflect the calendar it is attached to. I mean partially it is correct. But there is a lot more available time at the connected calendar than it is available at youcanbook.me. I’ve checked my settings and for any scheduled tasks or events that might trigger unavailability and there are none (just a complete blank in the time slots on my calendar. This didn’t occur until my trial period ended and I’ve made no weekly scheduling changes and now I have 5 out of 7 days with no availability. Please help!

Sorry to hear this issue is happening, the availability for your booking can be blocked by busy events in your linked calendar. Try by checking on your calendar for individuals or All-day busy events that can be blocking the availability.

Also, you can refer to Troubleshoot No Availability.

Thanx, I did and I had an event that was improperly scheduled over a number of days. It’s good now. Thanx again!