Email details via the API

I’m looking to manage the email templates generated across a bunch of profiles in my account. I’m looking to use the API (or otherwise) to grab all of the Notifiication email templates for each profile.

Does the API support this?

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Hi @dsadinoffm yes the API can retrieve and update notifications. In the API these are called actions. When updating with a PATCH you will need to pass in all of the notifications (for confirmation, cancellation, reminders etc) in order to change the notifications. Whatever you update will overwrite anything on the booking page.

More info on the API:

You would pass in an array for actions.

As an example you can run a GET to pull all actions. ?fields=actions,actions.anchor,actions.body,actions.fromName,actions.fromAddress,actions.offsetMinutes,actions.subject (etc).

Then you can get an idea of the anchors we use like BOOKING_CANCELLED_BY_BOOKER etc.

I hope this helps.


It does indeed. many thanks.