Group meeting creates separate Zoom links

Hi, I’m trying to make use of your new beta feature which allows many people to book the same team member, capped at (in my case) 30. However after a quick test I noticed that when two different people book the same person, the calendar events have totally different Zoom links. I would like it to be the case that the team member who gets booked gets one Zoom link created for them for that time slot, and every attendee receives that same Zoom link. How do I do this?

@mirandal for group bookings you will want to use a static Zoom link so everyone that is booking that time slot is in the same meeting room. This can be achieved with a conditional statment in the calendar event:

More information here: Using Conditional Statements - YouCanBookMe Support

I could be off base for what you are asking though, if that is the case let me know.