Jump to date based on availability?

Is there a way to jump to a date based on availability? I travel around to different locations throughout the month and have used the “Teams” feature to designate my different locations. Some locations I visit each week, others only 1-2 times per month. I’m wondering if there’s a way using CSS to have someone jump to the next available date based on which “Team Member” is selected.

For example, on my booking page (just2bme808.youcanbook.me) you can see that for Windward CC I only have one planned visit on September 20. Ideally, I’d like it for people who click “Windward CC” to get sent automatically to September 20 without having to scroll through two weeks of “No Availability.”

Hi there, at this time there isn’t a way to have a jump to date option or show next available date. This is something that is on our radar. We have plans to revamp our booking grid so that the availability will always show. Right now the grid is built on a weekly view, but in the future availability will be more fluid. I do not have a time frame for this, but it is something we are eager to tackle.

I search and look forward to the same functionality. Thank you for alerting me when it is available.