My doesn't work


I’m Nieves from Ibiza, Spain. Excuse my English, I’m using google translator to translate because mine is not very good.

I have registered in the forum to be able to ask if anyone knows what is wrong with my A few hours ago I went to my page to copy the url of the page to make an appointment with me, but what was my surprise that it did not work, it gave me the error that you can see in this image:

Later I was able to access my dashboard and I went to check that it was not a payment problem, so I went to billing but I saw that everything was in order, then I don’t know what to touch because it already gave me an error similar to the previous one.

But since then it doesn’t let me log in anymore, I enter the login page, which ends up loading after a long time but when I click on log in it doesn’t let me anymore.

I don’t know what to do or how to solve it, I can’t contact support because I can’t log in, I need help please! My job depends on being able to solve this… And I don’t know how to do it

@psiconieves we had a temporary server interruption on Friday. Everything should be working for you now, if that is not the case, please let me know.