My Youcanbookme link doesn't work

I’ve got the free version. Suddenly my link doesnt’t work. If you click on the link, there opens a new window with the info:

We’re really sorry - this booking profile is not available right now. Please contact the calendar owner.

Calendar owners, please view your account to find out more information.

What can be the reason? I’ve got connected with only one google calender. My only one booking page is online.

@Daniela you will need to remove a few of your form field questions. The free version will only allow up to 7 questions. Or you can upgrade to unlock all of the paid features and really customize things:

I only have six questions on my form yet my students are getting this same error message. Help!

Hi Jennifer, you have different paid features enabled:

  1. Custom Colors
  2. Reminders before the booking

I’ve removed those for you now, but anything marked in yellow would need to be removed as it is a paid feature.