Update Event on Remote Calendar?

What is the current way of updating the calendar event on a remote calendar. In particular update the subject, body, and start and stop times. It doesn’t look like it’s possible with the PATCH to the booking endpoint. I know there was an old remote account endpoint, but it is no longer listed in the API documentation.

@Trilliumaire welcome tot he Forum. The remoteaccount end point is no longer customer facing as this will soon be deprecated for V2 of the API. There was an /events/ endpoint that would allow you to modify the calendar event directly. Without that there isn’t a great way to do each individual event. You can generate a PATCH on a /profile/{profileId} (booking page) to modify the calendar event for all future bookings. I can get you more information on that if needed.

Yes, I would like to know how to do this. Send me the info. Thanks!

PATCH to v1/profiles/{profileId}

“afterwards” : {
“ownerEvent” : {
“title” : “{FNAME} and {BOOKING-PAGE-TITLE}”,
“description” : “Booking page: {BOOKING-PAGE-TITLE}\nDuration: {DURATION}\nBooking reference: {REF}\n\n{FORMFIELDS}”,
“location” : “”,
“participants” : [ “{EMAIL-QUESTION-CODES}” ]
“bookerEvent” : {
“title” : “Your meeting with {BOOKING-PAGE-TITLE}”,
“participants” : null
“bookingTitle” : “Your meeting with {BOOKING-PAGE-TITLE}”

This allows you to modify the booking event, title and description and location. Changing the start and stop times would require a reschedule or a PATCH to the booking end point which would be:
PATCH v1/bookings/{bookingId}:
{ “startsAt”: “2022-11-25T09:15:00”}

The end time is determined by the duration of the event already booked.

In the PATCH to v1/profiles/{profileId}, I don’t see any bookingId. So does this only change the general layout for that profile/calendar? I’m wanting to update specific events only, and not alter the overall layout.

The second patch to bookings endpoint is great for rescheduling though.

Correct this will change things on every booking that is made after the updates. There isn’t an easy way to modify a calendar event through our API at the moment.

OK, good to know. Will v2 of the API allow this?

Potentially. We are still scoping things out.

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