Api Authorization

I’m trying to get understanding of API but getting Authorization error:

	"type": "CaligraphException",
	"code": "caligraph_not_using_basic_authentication",
	"message": "Please use Basic authentication.",
	"status": "UNAUTHORIZED",
	"errors": [
	"httpStatusCode": 401

I’m requesting https://api.youcanbook.me/v1/{ProfileId}/bookings, where {ProfileId} is replaced with my profileID

I’ve tried using Basic auth with Authorization: Basic base64-of-login:pass, I’ve also tried token auth with Authorization: token-from-dashboard and Authorization: Bearer token-from-dashboard

All requests returns same 401 error.
Can you please point me to what am I making wrong when trying to fetch bookings list

UPD. I also get same error for any GET url in the API, like https://api.youcanbook.me/v1/profiles and https://api.youcanbook.me/v1/profiles/{profileId}

@webivan I am sorry you are hitting a snag with the API. What system are you using to generate the request?

If you are using your API key and account ID you should be able to GET all of the profiles from your account.

For bookings specifically you can make a request to v1/bookings/?profileIds={ProfileId}