Issue with API Integration: Unable to Retrieve Booking Data

I’ve been encountering difficulties with integrating the YouCanBook. me API into my website to retrieve booking data. Despite following the documentation provided and ensuring proper authentication, I’m unable to successfully fetch booking information from my YouCanBook. me account. Here’s a breakdown of the issue:

  1. API Authentication Errors: When attempting to authenticate with the YouCanBook. me API using the provided API key, I consistently receive authentication errors. I have double-checked the API key for accuracy and validity, but the issue persists.
  2. Endpoint Access Restrictions: Even after resolving authentication issues, I’m facing challenges accessing specific API endpoints required to retrieve booking data. It seems that certain endpoints are either restricted or inaccessible, preventing me from retrieving the necessary information programmatically.
  3. Data Retrieval Failures: For the endpoints that I am able to access, I’m experiencing failures in retrieving booking data. The API responses either return empty or incomplete data sets, making it impossible to display accurate booking information on my website.
  4. Rate Limiting Concerns: While troubleshooting the integration, I’m also mindful of potential rate limiting constraints imposed by the YouCanBook. me API. However, even with conservative API call frequencies, I’m still encountering difficulties in fetching data consistently without being throttled or blocked.
  5. Documentation Discrepancies: There appear to be discrepancies or ambiguities in the YouCanBook. me API documentation regarding endpoint usage, parameter requirements, and error handling. Clarifications or additional examples would greatly assist in resolving integration issues effectively.

Overall, these challenges are hindering the seamless integration of YouCanBook. me booking data into my website, impacting the functionality and user experience. I would greatly appreciate any assistance, guidance, or troubleshooting support from the YouCanBook. me community or support team to address these API integration issues effectively.

@joeroot I would like to learn more on what you are trying to accomplish here. If you are looking to have your booking page on your website, then you will not need the API, you only need the embed code:

With the API you can retrieve booking data, but we only allow pagination of data and not a way yet to query that to present bookings for your customers, if that is what you are trying to do.

For access in general are you able to use another method to get access like Postman or another API service to use Basic Authentication with your account Id as username and your API key as password?

For the documentation we are in the process of finalizing new documentation that will be available soon.

Thank you for your response and clarification regarding the use of the API and embedding options.

While embedding the booking page directly onto my website is indeed a viable solution for displaying booking availability to customers, I’m specifically aiming to integrate booking data programmatically into a custom interface on my website. This would involve retrieving booking information via API calls and presenting it in a customized format tailored to my website’s design and functionality.

Regarding access methods, I appreciate your suggestion of using alternative tools like Postman or other API services for testing authentication and endpoint access. I will explore these options to troubleshoot the authentication issues further.

It’s reassuring to hear that updated documentation is in the works. Clear and comprehensive documentation will undoubtedly facilitate smoother integration and troubleshooting processes.

In the meantime, if there are any interim solutions, workarounds, or best practices you could share to address the challenges I’ve outlined, I would greatly appreciate it. Additionally, I’m open to any further guidance or assistance you can provide in navigating these integration issues effectively.

Thank you again for your support and attention to this matter.

@joeroot As long as you can authenticate access to the YCBM API you should be able to generate requests to pull in booking data. This is done at the bookings endpoint: GET{accountId}/bookings

This will return the next 10 bookings. From there you can paginate through a link in the returned header to paginate forward or backward in time based on booking start date/time.

With that said if you are unable to authenticate then the build out you are looking to do, will not be possible.