ERROR: Sorry, something's not right (again)

Does anyone know why you would all of a sudden get this error on 2 of your booking pages. Nothing has been changed and they worked earlier last week but now this is all of a sudden happening. My other booking pages work fine.

Hey there!

This is Nicolas, Support Specialist from YouCanBookMe.

I can see our developers are currently investigating this and Orlando from our Support team is in touch with you. I’ll ask the developers for an update.

Thank you!

Getting the same message since the weekend, and no changes have been made. Messaged support; no reply until 9p Monday night. Still no resolve. Cleared caches. Re-saved original settings. Just stopped working from both my POV and my candidates. Please advise.

Hey there, IT is still working on our issue as well. If I get any information, I’ll be sure to share.

Thank you. I appreciate that. This is an tool I use daily, and it is a pretty urgent need.

@Szerfas I will send you a direct message so we can get to the bottom of this. I am sorry for the long delay.

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