Can no longer book, getting "Sorry, somethings not quite right error". Sometimes rarely books

I’ve been testing this booking site for our university and for the past month it has been working perfectly. However, recently I have been getting reports from faculty and students about getting issues when confirming their booking.

I went to test multiple times, and most of the time it will show the error:

Sorry, something’s not quite right
There is some missing information. Please complete the details to confirm the booking.

Then it will kick you back out to the calendar without telling you what information is actually missing.

I tested by intentionally leaving out a required field and it will correctly highlight the field and will not continue as intended and let you know its a required field.

I tried testing it out many times and out of the 15 or so times I tried I believe it actually booked twice but would mostly just revert to the error and kick you back to the calendar. Any help would be appreciated.


@JohnnyMcQui thanks for letting us know. We have a ticket in to get this corrected. In the mean time your page should be working now.


Thanks so much, much appreciated. Its working perfectly again.

I seem to have been having the same problem, it may have started as early as Nov. 11th. I’ve noticed that I can temporarily prevent the bug by being logged in and on my editing page, but once I log off the bug returns.

Any fix would be greatly appreciated.

Things should be working for you now, @charrison

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.