"sorry... (etc)" error message

I keep on getting an error message when booking a time slot.
I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything right but still an error.

My booking page is: chrissmit.youcanbookme.com

Any help would be helpful.

Hello @chrissmit. Welcome to YCBM Forum, I have reverted your booking page to old settings, and now seems to be working fine

Please feel free to reach out if any additional questions.

Thank you Jesser.

Could you explain what was wrong?

And thank you for the welcome!

Kind regards,

@chrissmit your booking page was migrated to a new system that we are testing, as your account is already set up with a free calendar. I went back and changed them.

Hi Jesser,

Could it be that since you changed my account back to the “old” system that bookings made do not show up in my agenda?

I’m getting this 502 error message in my agenda.
Do you know what’s going on?

@chrissmit No changing to the new system shouldn’t impact events making it to your calendar. I will help you in the other thread and we can unpack this a bit more.

@leticiatorgo We have been testing a new booking system and the pages encountered an error so we reverted everyone back to the older system.