"After booking" message is suddenly producing an error

Hi, I have been YCBM user for years, with no issues. Whenever a client books I have an “After booking” message saying “Thanks! Your appointment is now booked. You will also receive a confirmation email”

But now there is a problem. I have not changed anything on YCBM, but the “After Booking” message no longer displays properly, instead after a booking is made it says “Sorry, we can’t find that page. If you think this might be a mistake or problem on our side, please get in touch, quoting the full address from your browser. Please check you have a correct URL. Did you mean to find this booking page instead?”

From some testing just now, the bookings are still coming through to the calendar, and the notification emails are still sending. Its just that clients are now getting a confusing error message on screen when they book.

Im scratching my head how to fix this. I hope someone can help!

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@Joelle welcome to the Forum! First off thanks for using the service for over 7 years, amazing! Second I am sorry you hit a snag. I just tested your booking page and things worked without issue. I see the after booking message:

Are you seeing this in multiple browsers? Are the browsers up to date? Are your clients booking through a different URL?

Hi Ben, thanks so much for checking this out for me. Yes my clients are booking via my website where I have embedded the calendar: Book Appointment — Brisbane | Life Coaching | Relationship Counselling | Holistic Counselling

I have followed your lead and have just finished testing quite a few different browsers on different devices to try to isolate the problem. Unfortunately now I’m even more confused. I have listed the results I found below, showing only two scenarios that produced the “After booking” message correctly and all the rest produced the error message.

|iphone SE Chrome |Error|
|iphone SE Safari (v15.7.1) |Good|
|iphone SE Duck duck go |Error|
|Iphone SE Firefox |Error|
|macbook Safari (v15.6.1)|Error|
|macbook Chrome |Error|
|macbook Firefox |Good|
|HP laptop Edge |Error|
|HP laptop Chrome |Error|
|Iphone x Safari (v15.7.1)|Error|
|Iphone x Firefox |Error|
|Iphone x Chrome |Error|

Does this point you in any particular direction I should try next? Thanks again for your help so far.

@Joelle I appreciate the exhaustive testing here. I reverted things on your account back to our older version. I will let the development team know about the browser issues you ran into. It could be something with the embed, but things should work for you in the interim.

Hi Ben, everything seems to be working again for now, I really appreciate your help with this!

@Ben - I’m seeing the same issue on my site as well. Using a PC, it works in Firefox, but doesn’t on Edge/Chrome. Could you please put my bookings bake to the old version? Is there a timeframe on when it might be fixed?




@canadiens12 welcome to the Forum. I reverted your page back to the older version.

Yes. I am also having this problem Ben. Seems to more of an issue with google chrome. Works fine on Safari. Can you please help me with this. Thank you! Dean

We fixed things for you @barbermug thank you for letting us know.

Thank you Ben!!! I appreciate your help!

Hi Ben, could you please check my account as well, it is also producing the same error on the browser. This was working fine, some time ago.


@dana.visuddhiaranya can you send a DM with the booking page folks are using? Is this embedded?

Hi Ben,
This is the URL for the booking Dana Booking - Visuddhi Aranya.
It is embedded.

Below is the embedded code

Hope this helps


My booking site is showing an error as soon as clients choose a time. They are not taken to the form. Can My site be reset as well? https://kristina-beckner.youcanbook.me/

@Kristi4013 your page should be working now.

@dana.visuddhiaranya your page as well. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, Ben! The same error is showing on my website too - Daniela Ivanova Astrostudio

Here is a link to my account in YoucanBookMe:

Would you please check and help me?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniela,

Ingrid here stepping in with Ben from YouCanBook.me team.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. And I appreciate the information provided.

I was reviewing your account information and have been able to detect the cause of the error. This is a new feature we are working on that is only available for free version accounts. But don’t worry, I have removed this feature, and now your booking page is working properly. :white_heart:

Thank you for the quick response, Ingrid!
Everything works perfect now!

I am experiencing the same error on our Embedded Booking Page.

URL: Schedule Install - DentalSensors.com


Any way to have mine corrected?