"This time slot has been already booked" error

I’ve been a happy youcanbookme user for almost two years, but there is a problem I haven’t been able to solve in this time

A customer books a time slot from an android mobile phone, when he reaches Booking Confirmed page, instead of closing the page he uses the back key on the phone to “exit” application.

The very first time he pulses the back button on the phone the page says something like “This time slot has recently been booked” and the customer gets upset and books another time slot

(I’m using the Spanish translation of youcanbookme so the messages are not exactly like those, but you get the issue, I hope)

Is there a way to prevent this?

Best regards
Chema (from citachema.youcan…etc)

@citachema This one is a bit tricky. You can update your confirmation message to explain to users to not click the back button and to not booking again. Also to check their email for an email confirmation as well. You can add # Text here, to make it a headline and make it stand out.

Hi Ben
I’ve just redone my confirmation page for the third or fourth time…
There always seems to be a small fraction of customers who fail to read the confirmation page and instead do read the “already booked” page

I don’t really want to clutter more the confirmation page for 99% of users who do it just fine. I think the advise to check the email would fit better in the "already booked " error page. Any chance to get it added there?