Ideas for improvements

How are you liking the new booking experience? Have an idea of an improvement or something you would like to see changed? Share it here!

34%20PM Would be awesome to have an option to edit the info that shows on the first block on the confirm booking page!


Hi, I was checking my friend’s booking page which has this new booking experience that should have more professional feeling and make customers to make bookings more easily. I have to say I’m bit disappointed as there are good improvements also!

Here’s the link:

  1. There seems to be stuff which is not /can’t be translated (for example: in booking grid “today”, “no availability” and in the booking form “confirm booking” and “required”)
  2. With mobile device “go back to booking grid link” on the left corner isn’t showing properly
  3. There’s no go back link when you have chosen service and you enter the booking grid

I would be glad if you could offer also higher contrast or reverse colors mode (black to white - white to black) as an option for people for who reading text from bright whitish background is hard (= visually impaired or older people).

Thank you for your feedback. We have hopes to have full translations available in the near future. No time frame for this just yet. We also hope to have a dark mode which will contrast the colors as you mentioned.

Hi Ben, are there any updates on this? I really would like to use the new booking experience. However without having the possibility for furhter customization and full translations it does not make sense to me …

Thanks for your update

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Mee too, just waiting for updates @Henrik

Hi Daniel,

please contact Ben directly via support email. I can just tell you that he helped me a lot in this case. I had to do several things manually but we were able to solve the most issues.

I hope that it will be easier in the near future to do some changes.