What changed with the new experience?

The biggest changes are around the booking experience for your customers, clients, bookers. The mobile version is no longer a single column of availability. Your bookers can scroll within the day to see availability.

Check out the mobile version comparison here

In order to create a consistent experience we have changed to this new universal theme. Since there are no longer themes, all accounts will be based off of this standard experience moving forward.

Paid accounts will have access to custom CSS to make any changes they need. Also the ability to change the color to their branded color.

The other changes include reducing the booking instructions, team and service descriptions to 220 characters. This change is designed to prevent your availability from being stuck under the fold, preventing bookers from scrolling to find a time.

Further the header and footer we removed. Lastly the jump to date option will be activated by default.

If you want to explore the paid tools you can reach out to our support team and get setup on a free two week trial to test things out.

Reach out to us here.