Customizations on the new Booking Experience

Hi @Ben and the team of

I have been trying to make some customizations on the new booking experience, and I have some questions to ask that might help other people like me that don’t know much about coding but want to customize how the booking page looks.

I would like to know the ID of the items shown in the picture(A, B, C, and D) so I can customize them with CSS on the customization tab.

I have already discovered the letter A:
.header .title {}

I want very simple changes, just to make D and C white (#fff) and make B align on the center of the page.

Sorry on the delay @danielrosenbay try this out:
[dir] .header {border-top:none;}
html[dir] {background-color:#fff;}
.title, .headerInstructions{text-align:center;}

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Thank you so much @Ben it worked

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Last question to make my booking exactly how I wanted!

E: hide (that divisor between the top and middle of the page)

F: padding 0 (in the confirm booking page there is a space on the top even if you set .header .title {
font-size: 0 !important;} )

Booking page is

Hi Daniel, I am sorry on the delay. I did not see your response. I see you may have gotten this sorted on another link you have. Let me know if you are still having issues!