Custom CSS / customize layout of booking page


since you seem to have removed the custom css section from the account admin, what options do I have to customise the design of the booking page?

Here’s my case:

I’m going to embed my booking page in our website, preferably in some kind of sidebar of 360px width.

  1. I’m offering dates on two days of the week, thus I’d like to hide the .dayNoFree items.
  2. I’d like to have a two-column layout despite the narrow container
  3. I’d like to remove the pale primary color backgrounds from the day containers or rather change them to a custom color (like white;-)

Is that (or at least some of it) possible?


@svog We hope to have a way to hide days with no free time in the future. We also will introduce other customization options to help. These types of changes are not on our immediate road map, but I will forward your comments to the design team.