Does anyone know how I can put my calendar in this way?

Does anyone know how I can put my calendar in this way?

Instead of the way it currently appears?

Here you can see live:

Hi @Francisco I am sorry on the delay here. I added some custom CSS to your profile to help out. I hide the technically free times, things should appear as the top image for you moving forward.

Thank you, Ben! Some have improved, but overall it still looks the same:

@Francisco I removed the unavailable rows. Is that closer to what you are looking for?

Now it’s perfect!!! Thanks a lot Ben!!

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Hello, I have a similar problem.
I need to put my calendar like this:

1 hour of booking duration, 15 minutes of padding between bookings but I choose the start and the end of booking, not the booker.

Could anyone help me? Thanks!

Hi, I think I almost made it. But it still doesn’t look as I want:

I would like something like Francisco posted


I sent you a message, I am glad we could get things adjusted for you.

@Ben Would be great if you could share the CSS used

@Roy Sorry on the delay. Custom CSS is no longer available on booking pages. We hope to offer more customization options to the booking grid display in the future.

Hello @Ben that would be amazing if you could help me set up something similar to Francisco´s setup, on my calendars.

Thank you!!

@theoceanspell custom CSS is no longer available. I will talk with the product team on the type of customization you are looking for. Are you looking to only display start times?

Great question Francisco, I also often use the calendar with different notifications to remind me of some important things. Thanks all for the answers.