CSS or HTML formatting

I can’t get my team options to center on the screen. It’s left justified, works just fine, but I don’t like how it looks. Any way to center?


Under the Custom CSS section ( Edit Settings > Styles & appearance > Custom CSS) add this code:

div.team {
text-align: center;}

That should hopefully get your teams center aligned.

Perfect!! Any way to make the available tour times show up as crossed through instead of gone completely?

If you have hidden the times in your CSS then you can remove that code. This will then show unavailable times with a cross through, depending on the theme you are using.

The code you want to remove to show all unavailable times would be something like:
div.gridBusy {display: none !important;}
div.gridTechnicallyFree,div.gridTechnicallyFreeHighlight {display: none !important;}
div.dayNoFree {display:none;}

Hope that helps.

The only times I want to show available are 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00. If one of the times is unavailable, I would like that time to still be seen but crossed through. Does that make sense? It might not be possible, but for example:

12/10/18 12/11/18

8:30 8:30

9:45 9:45

11:00 11:00

Currently when a time is not available it looks like this:

12/10/18 12/11/18

8:30 9:45


@carissa.goddard you can only hide all of your unavailable times or show them. There ins’t a way currently to only show select times, or already booked times.

Thank you for letting me know!