Show Booked Slots

By default, if every book at 5:30pm on a week is unavaliable, that line disappears. But if only one of them is avaliable, that line does not disappear but the other slots that are unavailable show gray and can’t be choosen. So far, so good. But, is there a way that, even if every “5:30pm” slot on that week is unavaliable, they show up gray?

@wrstrangerroom I am terribly sorry on the delay. I missed this post. Right now we will hide the unavailalbe rows to make things more concise. I am talking with the team on if this is something we can adjust and allow folks to turn it on or off.

In the interim you can add some text in your booking page intro:

It’s great to hear that You’re discussing this with the team and exploring the possibility of adjusting the feature to allow user to have control over hiding or displaying unavailable rows.

Hello Ben, any uptades?

@wrstrangerroom No update on this. As of right now this is not on our roadmap for the next six months.

@Ben, thank you for the madfut 23 update. I appreciate your response, but I need to know the six month period will end in December or earlier, please let us know.

Isn’t this the same suggestion that I’ve been asking for since August 2020?

“Six months” has turned into more than three years.

@LeroySchulz I am checking with the product team on an update here. To confirm though you are looking to present your start times and keep them greyed out if they are booked. This is intended to show your clients your normal schedule? Have you had many customers reaching out with questions? Have you added any additional text in the instructions with the normal schedule hours?

Is there an update on this? We have been using the product since the start of 2017 and on the old booking system (where you had far more options with layout and look of the calendars) it always used to show booked slots with a line through and coloured to whatever you had set your ‘BUSY’ time too (mostly greyed out). This always seemed to remain for us, even up until last year - however now it ONLY shows the spaces we have available.

This may be more convenient for lots of users, but some like ourselves rely on the social proof of others having booked spaces at our events (or when others can the full range of times that WE’RE originally available for the event) it has a massive effect on bookings. So, for example, if you can only see 5 spaces available at the event, you are not sure if there are lots of other people booked in or if there were ONLY 5 spaces ever available at the event. This really does have a massive impact for us.

The option for us to be able to manually turn this on in settings should be introduced. Completely get that it is unneeded for lots but it was something that has always been a part of the product for us for the last 7 years!

Hello? This is massively impacting our bookings and its ridiculous we do not have the ability to show booked spaces. To just take features away that have always been there with no option is very poor. Can something be done about this please? Or even just a response?

Hi @jb13 Thank you for posting on our community forum. From your message, I understand that you are referring to our legacy calendar layout we call the classic calendar layout which showed all days and times of the week even if the timeslots were not available. We received a lot of feedback before introducing new calendar layouts that are more optimized and mobile-friendly. I have passed along your feedback to our product team regarding bringing back the classic layout. Please look out for an email from our team about this.

Hi Jamie,

Yes, however as our events are only 3 days each in length it was not showing the whole week, it only showed the 3 days (for the hours we set our event as - so around 8 hours per day). So it was not very cluttered for clients and was very easy for both clients and ourselves to see how many spaces had gone, how busy each day was and most importantly the social proof side of things.

Would very much appreciate the option to turn this back on as it just vanished for us after working ideally for years.

Thank you @jb13. I understand how this calendar view was crucial to your social proof and that it was easy to use. Please know that your feedback does impact how we build features and improvements. At this time we don’t have an easy way to enable this legacy calendar on your account.

I’ve been asking for this option for 3+ years in other posts in this forum.

Honestly, for so many feature suggestions (like this one) I’ve given up on the hope that they will be implemented – and not because it would be technically difficult or important to many of us customers. The responses from YCBM are often “we’re looking at it” and year, or two, or four pass and nothing happen s.

I sense a large disconnect between what we customers are asking for and what decision-makers at YCBM decide. I wish those decision-makers would spend a day — or even a couple of hours – in our shoes so they would have a flash of insight about a range of small things with YCBM that would make a noticeable difference with everyday use.