Show Booked Slots

By default, if every book at 5:30pm on a week is unavaliable, that line disappears. But if only one of them is avaliable, that line does not disappear but the other slots that are unavailable show gray and can’t be choosen. So far, so good. But, is there a way that, even if every “5:30pm” slot on that week is unavaliable, they show up gray?

@wrstrangerroom I am terribly sorry on the delay. I missed this post. Right now we will hide the unavailalbe rows to make things more concise. I am talking with the team on if this is something we can adjust and allow folks to turn it on or off.

In the interim you can add some text in your booking page intro:

It’s great to hear that You’re discussing this with the team and exploring the possibility of adjusting the feature to allow user to have control over hiding or displaying unavailable rows.

Hello Ben, any uptades?

@wrstrangerroom No update on this. As of right now this is not on our roadmap for the next six months.