Booked slots not showing

Today, when I first went to my booking page booked times where showing greyed out, as expected. When I refreshed the page I found that they have been removed. Booking a time in my diary, for example 10:30, will remove that slot when I next visit the booking page. I have checked on Chrome & Firefox and checked on the private tabs. I have also tried clearing the cache.

Is there an option to change to allow this to show again? I did try looking through the help and general searching doesn’t highlight anything that relates to this issue.

As i typed this topic the following showed up.

However, I am not using the break feature in YouCanBook.Me

I did a test and booked for 9 am and it disappeared when refreshed.

Thanks for any guidance.

Hello Peter,

Denita here from the team. Thanks for sending this in. Perhaps this article could explain what you are experiencing? In a nutshell, if there is a time across a week you’re unavailable for bookings, we will automatically remove that from your booking page. We hope this change will reduce scrolling for your bookers and allow them to quickly select a time you are available for booking.

Thanks Peter!

Hi Denita721, Thanks for the article link. I had another look at it. I appreciate the reason for the facility and would appreciate using it from time to time.

I have meetings on different days. They are different durations. Overall, the diary fills up for each and that is the only common thing with it. It isn’t like I book in my diary each day, 12:00 to 13:00 break (lunch, downtime etc). They are either personal appointments that I want to reflect in the business diary as well as bookings with clients or for other reasons that require to be blocked out. So, each day is different maybe going 11:00 to 13:00, 12:00 - 14:00 etc.

As there isn’t an option in to turn this feature off is there something I can put or some method I can use to achieve the blocking in my diary to show greyed out in


Hi Peter,

The feature of hiding unavailable rows is not something that can be turned off at this time. It is designed to provide the bookers with less scrolling for available times. If what you are saying, is that there are specific time periods that are blocked on your calendar, then yes, this will be blocked in and if these same time periods are unavailable for an entire row, it is not possible to show these as grey for the booker. This is a great suggestion and I will make sure to tell the team.

Thanks Peter.