Some Slots Are Unavailable

Hello, I’ve been noticing that sometimes there are slots in my calendar that are not availble with no reason, for example I am seeing this rigth now:

This is my calendar below, we do not have clients booked at 19:15(7:15pm) on June 3rd but on my page ( this slot is not available as you can see here:

And this is not the first time I see this :frowning:

Someone can help me?

@cativeirod3 I am seeing the time for the 3rd come through now:

Are you seeing the same on the live page?

Hello tks! Now it fixed! Did you do something to fix? Some uptade or anything? Because I have other page that is happening the same thing: on 3rd…1:30pm slot.

Same on 10th, 3:30pm and 5:30pm slots (

Hello, I’ve been reading the forum trying to find a solution to not showing availability correctly.

I have group bookings for 4 bookings per time slot and it shows up as not available when there are only 2 or 3 people booked.

Recently updated to new calendar view. Seems to have something to do with teams or perhaps some bookings are for 1 hour and some are for 30 minutes.

When I switched calendar views did the 1 hour bookings count as 2 bookings?

@Cindy I am sorry you are running into some trouble. Changing to the Calendar View should not have any impact to your availability. Any busy even on your calendar will count as 1 slot, so if you have a busy event and 2-3 bookings that could be up to 4 slots taken up. You can reach out to our support team (click the Account Support button in the bottom right of your account) with specifics and they can help.