Calendar Not Showing Available Times

I updated my availability today and the You can book me calendar my students see is not showing that availability. I have tried updating the times multiple times and the calendars are not synching properly. I did block a few days, as I am traveling, but most days I have free. See attached screen shots. Please help!

I have my times set from 8am to 1pm. Only one day shows available (Aug 3rd). If I change the times to afternoon times, the calendar syncs correctly…BUT, I cant do late times anymore, I have to do mornings. My gmail calendar has availability. Why wont the early times show??

I have been playing with changing my available times (adding an hour to some days), and somehow that made it sync better? Unsure why, because I haven’t added or changed events on my calendar. That said, there are still issues. For example, on August 11th, I have NOTHING, in my calendar, yet the You can book me calendar is showing availability only for 2 time slots (7:00 and 7:30), when it should have availability all the way to 1:00pm. Please help me. I am moving to Italy on Monday, and was adjusting the times to reflect the hour difference, and now things are not working like normal. I am stressing out, as I need my students to be able to book times to call me. Thanks!

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@Rox sorry you are hitting a snag with your availability. I checked your page and I see more time coming through as you mentioned. And I see time for the 11th. Are you still seeing things differently than expected?

If you find that your availability is not accurate you can attempt a sync. Head to the integrations menu: Then click the three dots next to your calendar and Sync.

Hi @Ben , we’re having the same issues with our October 2023 availability not showing up on the Bookings Page but we have plenty of available time in October 2023 on our Google Calendar.

Please help!

Hello again, @Ben
I’ll try this “Sync” option now, too.

I also tried your recommendation to Sync the calendar but I’m still seeing different results with our Bookings Page and our Google Calendar.

Hi @Ben ,

I’m not sure if you’ll see this message on time but we’re having calendar availability issues again. We also re-authorized and synced our “Appt Bookings” calendar of this Google Calendar account:, to no avail.

This is causing massive delays on our operations.
How or why does this continue to happen?


Hello again, @Ben

But it ALSO seems YCBM is only allowing us to move past November in 'Week view" and not “Month view”.

This is December in Week view:

This is November in month view, not allowing us to move forward to December despite our setting set to 52 weeks in advance.

Set to 52 weeks in advance but we’re unable to move the calendar forward and view available appointments in month view:

Good day, @Ben

The above is now functioning properly (I guess it needed a day or two in order to function?).

But YCBM is still not properly syncing with our Google Calendar as of this morning 08.14 (New York-EST). I will again re-authorize and sync to see if that will help but is this a bug in YCBM that needs some attention? This has happened more than a few times and our team is always scrambling last minute for a momentary solution.

@dinodxynez the team pushed out a fix to help bookers navigate to the next month. Availability should be showing up accurately as well. Is this not the case for your pages?

Hi @Ben
Thank you for the response, yes, I noticed this morning (18-Sep-2023 @ 08.00) that we were able to navigate past November.

But, we are still dealing with the dilemma of available appointment slots not showing up on YCBM.

As you can see below, we have three (3) appointments available in September but our booking page displays no appointments available; this is the case all the way through to January 2024 (spotty “unavailability”), this has to be a bug of sorts. (We’ve de-authorized and synced several times over to no avail.)

If there’s anything the developers can do, that would be greatly appreciated, this is a pretty huge disruption in operations.

Thanks again for all you do, @Ben

@dino checking on your settings I am seeing that there is now a limit of 1 booking per day:

When I removed that the time showed up now. Can you check it out?

Hello, @Ben
You’re a gentleman and a scholar, thanks a million :clap: :clap:
The team seems to be doing well and things are back to normal.

I just want to say thank you for your diligence; my apologies if I seemed a bit abrupt, we were all in a bit of a craze :tired_face:

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I am running into the same issues. I am having intermittent availability issues, but it is specific to certain users. I have checked and re-checked their calendar integrations. When I re-create a booking page from scratch, then it will sync availability, but within an hour or two the availability will stop working. I have found that the users effected are all the users with calendars in Google Workspace, however I have checked google workspace settings and I have make all calendars available for Modify and Manage for external sharing. I am at a loss for what to do. I have also Re-Authorized the Integration and I have re-synced the integration with no success.

Hi @bunkbed
I hope this has worked itself out or you’ve been able to handle the issue.

I have been unable to resolve the issue. Still waiting on support.

@bunkbed I will message you directly and we will get this sorted.