Calendar Not Syncing Properly

Hi -

My calendar is not syncing properly to YouCanBookMe. I’ve checked the time zone and my ‘busy’ setting in my events, and my availability still won’t sync properly. Please help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Brandon,

I recommend checking out Availability Diagnostics. It’s a beta feature and will help you to see why times aren’t showing as you’d expect. This article will walk you through how to set it up and use it:

Other than that, there are a few things to check - are you using On Duty? Padding? A fixed start or end date?

I’ve been having the same issue - some of the events I add to my google calendar will sync while others will not. Have no idea why

Hi Nikoleta, there are a few settings that might affect your availability -

  • Are the events you’re adding to your Google calendar set to busy? If not, they won’t block your availability
  • Make sure the busy events are on the same calendar we are looking at for availability - if you have multiple sub-calendars on your Google account, only one is being checked for availability.
  • Your minimum and maximum booking notice can affect what times show for booking

Hope those tips help!