Available times aren't showing up for the current day

Hello, my available times show up correctly in the calendar preview and when I log into my account. However, on the user side (front-end), these available times are greyed out/unavailable. This issue only occurs for the current day and does not occur in future days.

I’ve been using this calendar for years and it seems like it just started happening yesterday or today. Could you please check it on your side and see if it is something that you can fix?

Here’s the link to my calendar. https://spa-imdac.youcanbook.me/

Thanks so much!

What is your minimum booking notice? If you have set it for 1 day (which I think is the default) then you can’t book anything for the current day because it’s not enough notice.

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My minimum booking notice is 5min. I also recently discovered that this problem doesn’t happen until after about 7:30pm. Once past 7:30pm, all remaining available times for the current day will automatically be greyed out.

Not sure if it is a bug or something.

@chenz I am seeing time come through for you now until 9pm. Are you still seeing the issue?

Hi @Ben, yes I am still seeing the issue. I am on New York time zone. Here’s a screenshot that I just took for my schedule on the user-side at my local time 7:54pm. 8:00 - 9:00pm time slots should still be available, but they appear in grey.

In addition, my booking duration is set to 30min and my min booking notice is set to 5min.

@chenz I am seeing the time show up as expected as right now I do not see time at 5:30 - 6:30pm EST since that is in the past. I will check in a bit later to make sure it is showing up. The only thing that has changed is your page is on our new booking system, but functionality wise everything should be similar.

Hi @ben, sounds good, thank you so much! Just wanted to send you more screenshots of my problem. Right now, my local time is 7:05pm EST, and this issue is happening. 7:30 - 9:00pm time slots should still be available, but they are appearing in grey. Hope this helps you troubleshoot the system!