Clients can't book

My link is and it’s currently showing as if October is almost fully booked. However, the time slots are actually available. I read a lot of other forums post and :

  1. My google calendar is empty, so it’s not because of google calendar.
  2. Bookings are set to minimum 7 days in advance and 95 days max.
  3. I tried using safari, google chrome, and different devices and it’s all the same.

So i am not sure of what’s the issue. Please help me… Thank you so much.

@mnatasya I am sorry for any trouble. I checked your links and I can see availability coming through now. Are you seeing that as well?

ah ! i see it now.
do you have any idea why the error happened ? or does this occur often to other people as well ?

it is fixed now, though.

Hi @Ben I’ve already messaged you on a different stream but I’ll also provide you with the same details here on this stream as well (apologies in advance).

We do not see any availability for October 2023 whatsoever despite our Google Calendar having available times in October 2023 for patients to book their appointments.

I also synced and re-authorized the integration between Google Calendar and YCBM and we still do not see any positive results.

Please help!

See the attached images:

Sending hours later on the same day:

Hi @Ben I was able to get our October appointments showing up again with the exception of 1 day on Saturday, the 7th of October (I don’t know why)??

But now, none of our available December appointments are showing up on the bookings page. This has to be some sort of a bug. Is someone able to help? Not being able to book patients will cost us lots of money.

Anything you and/or the devs can do would be greatly appreciated.

@dinodxynez sorry on the delay here. I checked the page and I am seeing time all the way until 2024, are you still seeing no availability for December?

Hi @Ben
No worries about the delay (it was the weekend :slight_smile: ).

Correct, after following up on the previous suggestions within this conversation string, I was able to retrieve all available slots. If I have any other issues and/or questions, I’ll be sure to reach out to you. Thanks again for all you do!