Availability not for Oct but fine for other months

My calendar is set up as normal but for some reason my YCBM is showing either as not available or whole months blocked out

I’m having the same issue. The availability troubleshooting tool does show individual days in October as having availability but shows ‘no availability’ when displaying the full month.

That’s exactly the same as mine. If I set it to view day when a client loads the calendar then it has availability but not if it’s in the month display

October full month now working, no clue as to why.

@JemmaM86 and @Michael thank you for letting us know. The month view will show the next 30 days. If you were doing this around the start of the month there could have been something tripping up the refresh for September. Just to confirm that both of your availabilities are showing up as expected now?

Yes, good here, thanks Ben

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