No Availability

Where is my availability? I have things setup correctly under the availability section, but it is showing I have no availability. I need some help with this.

This is a tricky thing as there are a ton of variables at play. If you aren’t on a paid plan then the biggest thing would probably be busy events on your calendar. Whenever you have a busy event that will block your availability. That may not be the case if you see the ‘No Availability’ message though, but worth checking.

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No busy events that I see. I am currently on a trial, could that be the reason? I only have full access on a paid plan?

The trial should include access to all features. A few more things to check are your padding, display increments, and duration time. If you are using On Duty then that is a whole other can of worms.

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Yeah On Duty was a bit challenging to setup at first, but it is very powerful. Essentially you will create free events on your calendar all with the same exact title. Then inside of YCBM turn the On Duty feature on and add the title to the On Duty phrase. This will allow only this time to show up, this may help:

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On Duty was the culprit here. I forgot to mark my events on my calendar as free. Once I changed this all the availability came through, we are cooking with gas now!


@April I wanted to let you know of a great new feature in beta, Availability Diagnostics. Turning this on will allow you to see why times are not appearing as you would expect. This article will walk you through how to set things up:

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This. Is. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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This conversation helped me with availability, My issue was about “On Duty”! Thank you guys so much and for this community!