What is On Duty or Custom Availability?

This is a way to have 100% control over when you want to be available for bookings. This means you have availability that changes each day, each week, or only have a few days per month you are available. You can have multiple breaks in a day, specific start times, only availability every other Thursday, again completely up to you and what you need.

How do you set it up?

On your calendar directly (Google or Microsoft), create free events with the same title for the dates and times you want to be free. Inside of YCBM set your availability window to include the timeframe you posted the On Duty events. Turn the On Duty feature on and place the title you used in the field provided.

For a complete how to.

It isn’t working!

A few things to check:

  1. Are events marked as free?
  2. Do you have blocking busy events (even all day events)?
  3. Do the events on your calendar have the same title and does that match what is inside of YCBM?
  4. Is your grid increment set to allow the start times you have set up?
  5. Are the events on the calendar we are connecting with?

This is a powerful feature that can may be a bit tricky to setup.

What ways are you using the On Duty feature? Are you running into any issues? Share your experiences here.

I’ve been using this feature for a while without any problems until recently its not working. please help

There are a ton of moving parts with On Duty. The biggest thing I have run into is having blocking events on the calendar (busy events) the prevent the On Duty event from being picked up. Another issue is my grid increment was set to an hour, but my On Duty events were on the half hour, so I needed to adjust that.