Different Availability for Each Service

I would like to be able to customize the Availability for different services. For instance, I offer face to face meetings and 15-min phone calls. I would like to use the “on duty” feature for my face to face meetings (which is amazing), but then have my phone calls available for certain hours of the day regardless of the “on duty” factor. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I was in a similar situation needing custom availability for multiple services I offer. I have found two different options.

The first would be to create separate booking profiles (URLs) for each of your services. This way you can use two different On Duty events for each service. What I had to do was create a special page on my website that had both services there and then link out to the respective YCBM profile.

Option two would be to use the Teams feature and setup another calendar for your second availability using On Duty on a different calendar. This will increase your subscription to another calendar, but it will give you the ability to keep things all together. I am sorry that was a bit of a long winded answer. I did find an article that may help: https://support.youcanbook.me/article/406-different-availabilities-for-different-services