Calendar and Room Bookings


I am looking for a new online scheduling platform that works for our business.

We are a Financial Services firm, I am needing a platform that can book a persons calendar as well as connecting to our room bookings. When people make an appointment, they need to be able to book the person and book a room. Is this possible within YCBM?

Thank you

@Strategem001 welcome to the Forum!

While there is a way to show mutual availability between multiple calendars, there is not a way currently to have this be a dynamic pairing/grouping.

If you only have one room that makes it pretty easy to show availability between your Team Member and the room resource. However if you have multiple rooms things get a bit tricky.

This is a great idea and something that I think could help out a ton of folks with internal resource limitations like meeting rooms. I will get it recorded as a feature request so we can consider it in the future.