Booking page with us + team at 3rd party company

How best to set up a booking page so that the calendars include:
a. A single known person from my company
b. A team of folks from a partner company

That is to say, when a User books a meeting, that meeting should be always be attended by our rep, and one or more reps from the partner company (plus the User of course).

How can I make a calendar that achieves this?

@TomK if you have invited your partners to join your account by integrated a calendar, there is a way to setup a booking page that will check many calendars and provide a mutual time that all of them are free. Team mutual availability booking page - Support. The challenge with this is that the groupings of calendars are static and not dynamic meaning it has to be this rep rep with these partner reps and the user, or a different group.

In the future we hope to have more customization with this to allow dynamic pairings with multiple stake holders.

Good to know – but that isn’t really the scenario we have.

We don’t need to show times when all vendor reps are available. We want to show times when (at least one vendor rep is available) AND (our ArenaCX rep is available).

So maybe all the vendor reps individually have meetings sprinkled thru their days, but as a group, someone is available for every hour from 8am to 6pm. Cool. Except for Friday from 12-2pm because the whole team is going out to lunch.

We want to compare that aggregate availability of the team, with the specific availability of our one ArenaCX rep.

I’m guessing there’s no in-built way to do this.

What I think we should do is only connect the calendar with our ArenaCX’s calendar – and include on the invite a general “team” email of the vendor’s. On their end, they will manually sort out who is really going to attend, so that no meeting is left out.

No there is not a built in way to do this yet. We do have plans to have something like this, where you can have multiple groups of people and present availability where at least one person from each group is on the call/meeting.