Possibility to check a team member calendar without offering team member as an option

I am looking for a way to check a calendar’s availability without offering this calendar as one of the team member’s suggestions.

In our specific case, we have two team members that are bookable, and they share a single camera. The camera has its own calendar. I want to be able to suggest availabilities based on this single camera’s availabilities, but never show it as a team member in the team member selection process.

Is there a native way to do this?

Hi @xbertrandias, I hope you are well.

Can you clarify if the team members have different availability from each other - besides the camera availability?
If not, you can keep the team member selection for both people, and just attach the camera’s calendar to both of them:

If the team members have their own availability, and they need to match up with the camera’s availability, it’ll get tricky if you want a native way to manage this (and it’s one of our feature requests that we do hear every now and then!), but it’s possible with 2 booking pages:
Booking page 1 - with mutual availability set up (so no teams page) - where you check the availability of team member 1 + camera.
Booking page 2 - with mutual availability set up - where you check the availability of team member 2 + camera.

The downside to this is that you have 2 booking pages to share with your bookers. Not sure if that will work for you!

Hi Kelly,

Thank you so much for your detailed response. Indeed, the first option does not work as they have indeed their own availabilities to manage. And two booking pages is not really an option either.

We will try to continue doing this check manually.

On a side note, I see that there have been no updates or announcements on the YCBM product update page since December last year. Is development being suspended on the product?

Hi @xbertrandias, I understand. As soon as we have something released that will resolve your scheduling problem - I will let you know!

And I must say that we’ve been kind of bad with updating that product page. We’ve sent some marketing emails about the new booking page version we are releasing now (this has been released to a group of customers to test) which will allow us to develop a ton of features our customers have been requesting, like one time booking links and round-robin for teams. I’ll forward your feedback to the team that we maybe need to update a bit more frequently on that page!