Multiple user calendars but all would book to same calendar

We are wanting to use the teams feature to gain access to our VR room for activities this semester, but someone in our team also has to be able to manage the room for the user. Is there a way to do conditional checks?
The example we are trying to do is below.
Is at least one of the three staff calendars available and the VR room available for an appointment? If so, book the room and invite the available staff member.

Hi @stephen.rektenwald welcome to the Forum! Checking mutual calendars for availability is possible. This article will explain.. The challenge comes in where you need at least one staff member available. The pairings or combinations of calendars that we are checking are static and need to be setup in advance and it would have to be a booking page checking the VR room and Team Member 1, another page checking the VR room and Team Member 2, and a third page checking the VR room and Team Member 3.

i’m double checking, but i’m fairly certain the calendar in question is a shared calendar that a user created under their personal outlook account. it’s not a separate equipment mailbox with it’s own email address. how would i edit the scheduling settings of a shared calendar like this?

@betinajessen they will need to share the calendar with an integrated calendar account that is linked to your YCBM account. Sharing calendar permissions - YouCanBookMe Support