Office 365 Multiple Accounts merge to one Bocking Calendar


we’d like to have multiple Accounts from O365 (one Roommailbox and one User) to be displayed seperate and optional merged in one Calendar.
Usecase is to have a Room witch will be bocked as a Usermailbox and a Roommailbox witch can be accessed via Personio HR Managementsoftware.



@Volker while it is possible to check the mutual availability of multiple resources (Check more than one calendar) there isn’t a way to make this dynamic. Meaning you couldn’t check one person’s availability and then find a room available ad hoc, this connection would need to be setup ahead of time. For instance check person A if they are available and Room B. We can show the shared time that both of these resources would be available.

how to set this up?

I Corrected the above. Just to confirm it IS NOT possible to setup a way to allow folks to choose two resources to find mutual availability. You instead could setup these links ahead of time with specific bookings links. The first step is to create duplicate booking links:

Then connect multiple calendars to show mutual availability: