Booking page displays availability for times when two specific people are available at the same time

We have certain types of meeting when our regular team member needs the help from an expert.
We would like to create a booking page that shows available time slots for when both people are available so, if the customer books a certain time slot, both team member and expert can attend.

We don’t mind that both team member and expert need a licence to have their calendars connected/integrated with YCBM. We will pay for that.

Does this functionality already exist or would it be a new feature?

Thanks in advance.

@cmorenoserrano welcome back! Great question. This is possible with our mutual availability option: Checking multiple calendars for mutual availability - YouCanBookMe Support

You can connect two calendars and we only show when both have free time. Then you can set things up to add the event to both calendars. Is that what you are looking for?

Excellent. This is exactly what I was looking for.
This feature immediately (pending approval from my manager) will duplicate the number of licences we use, so it’s a good thing for you :slight_smile:


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