Multiple Team Member's Availability on One Sheet?

I am looking in to using YCBM for my sales team. Does anybody have experience managing multiple people’s calendars effectively for this purpose?

Things that come to mind - having an office administrator manage the YCBM calendar, and then inviting the appropriate sales rep to the meeting.

Having a drop down menu above the calendar for the sales rep you’d like to see the availability of.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or experience doing something similar?

Thank you.

Hi Graham. You can setup separate booking grids to pool availability and check multiple calendars for shared free time. This can’t be accomplished dynamically with a drop down, but that is something we have been thinking a lot about. If you are using Google calendar, you can select all the sales reps to see overlapping free time. Then you can create a booking on one of the calendars. This event could then accept additional participants of the other folks needed for the call. This is a manual way, I am not sure if anyone else would have a different approach.