Multiple rooms?

Hello, I have been trying out the free trial version and like it a lot. I was wondering if the paid version allows multiple rooms/slots per calendar. For example we have 4 study rooms, can the calendar be set up to allow each time slot to be booked 4 times for each room? If that is possible, would each time slot be displayed 4 times on the user interface, or would it just be one listing, but allow the same time to be booked 4 times (in other words not cross out the time slot until all 4 are booked)?

We also have 3 study rooms with a computer display, and one without - can the form be set up to ask if they need a computer display, and then automatically book to one of the 3 rooms that has that available?

Thanks for posting! I added the free trial to your account, I do not think you started one before. You now have full access to all of our features for two weeks. The issue here though you will run into is having shared availability between every room, which becomes problematic.

The optimal solution here is to have a calendar for each room. This would require a subscription increase, but will give you more control over what resource is available. With the units per slot feature it will allow multiple people to book all of the other rooms that are shared on the same calendar, which further complicates things. I recommend to test out the teams feature to see if that will work for you.

HI Ben, I’ll be running a rehearsal space for bands with 2 rooms, I plan on upgrading the service but would it require me to make another account for another calendar for the 2nd room? Would I be able to link that 2nd account to my google calendar? Wouldnt having a 2nd calendar be a great upgrade and an opportunity for youcanbookme to earn some extra money? I’m sure some would be turned away without this option and look for other systems to use.

Hi there - you can add as many calendars as you want to the same account. We recommend using our teams feature - this way each room can be booked separately. Here’s more information: