Multiple Stations for single event

I have 4 game stations set up as staff with their own calendars on gmail. Each station can handle 1 person, so if i have 2 people who want to play together they need to book 2 stations, how do I set this up?

Hi Allan,

This is a bit tricky. There isn’t an elegant way to allow someone to book the same time with two different teams or resources in this case. You could test out making a special link in the confirmation page like: [Book for a friend for the same time]({URL}?ini={START-MILLIS})

This should allow someone to book the same time if it is available. Again be sure to test things out. Keep in mind that rescheduling may be a bit tricky as well.

Another option would be to use Units per slot instead of separate calendars ( Then you can have folks book out 2 slots if they plan on playing with a friend.

Could I just use 4 units for one person and that be that?

You could try that out. If it doesn’t matter the availability just that you have 4 seats per time period.