How to book two people (or more)in the same time slot

Hi all. first post here. I have an issue I need to sort out.

I have clients and employees. Generally I need to have everyone meet at the same time. I want to be able to book a client, and an employee. But I don’t want that spot open for other clients to book. How can I book multiple people while still maintaining the ability to block out that time slot for other clients? Thank you!

@TdDev Thanks for joining us. It is possible to allow up to 50 people to book a time slot with you using our units feature. More info here. To make things secure for each client you could setup multiple booking pages and potentially password protect them. But I could be off base here, if that is the case can you provide more context.

Yes I see now I can set up mutliple bookings. But I don’t want to get double booked. One slot is for my client, the other is for my assistant. So if I could password protect the one for my assistant, then clients won’t be able to book that slot that is already taken by a client.

I’m not sure if this method may confuse my clients though if they see an open slot and then it’s password protected. I don’t want to scare off leads. So preferably I’d love to see only one spot on the bookings for clients, and then like a “hidden” availability for my assistants. What would you recommend?

One option could be to create a link just for your assistant that allows up to 2 units, so any busy event from your client they can still book over existing busy events. This page could be password protected. Then clients would have first availability and your assistant can book on top of that. Is that closer to what you are needing?

Another option to explore is to add your assistant to the calendar event, if you need them on the call. This is done with the participant feature. Or you could manually add them after the booking is on your calendar.

I can try this first thanks. How do I implement this?

On the calendar event (Notifications > Calendar Event) you can add an email here: