How to set up the availability correctly to allow more than 1 booking on certain times

We are trying to build a new calendar to accept training sessions on the times below. On some times we have more than 1 trainers available, and so the schedule doesnt necessarily follow a fixed pattern. We would like to offer the following times to be booked. The training is 1 hour long and is 1:1.

Problem1 : As you can see from the schedule below - there are certain times, when I have more than 1 trainer available and I would like to be able to accept 2 users for training individually with 2 trainers (for ex at 10am) or 3 training slots at 12:30pm. However I am not able to set / build this up correctly.

Problem2: Additionally, since each booking is 1 hour long, if I make a reservation for 8am slot, the 8:30am slot also becomes unavailable. How can I avoid this?

I tried creating events with slightly different times so they are independent events, like 12:30pm, 12:31pm and 12:32pm on my linked calendar, But this still doesn’t fix the issue that if I make a reservation at 12:30p, it makes me unavailable for the other events until 1:30p.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

@JB36 I am terribly sorry on the long delay here. Having times overlap is a bit tricky as there isn’t an easy way to offer 1 hour slots starting every half hour. Once one is booked that will block the time for another to start.

On any booking page you can offer up to 50 slots per time, so you could set this to 3. The challenge is then you need to block out on the connected calendar when there is only one or two slots remaining from the three.

One option is to use the Team Member feature and connect three trainers. Their availability will come through independently from each other. From there each Trainer can add specific events for when they are available using Calendar Managed Availability( More info here)

So in theory when you have three trainers there would be three different calendars with the same event marked as free to designate the capacity.

Let me know if I am off base, or if you have any questions.