Custom Availability in Same Time Slot No Longer Working

I run events that up to 200 people can sign up to attend. only allows for 50 attendees at a single event. To override this, I have created three overflow calendars. Up until recently, this has worked fine. I have four calendars, connected to one email account, each showing the event at the same time. After the first calendar fills up, the overflow calendars can be used.

Except, this is no longer the case. Once the first calendar fills up to 50 guests, the event is no longer visible. I have the three calendars with the overflow event set to the same time, but the scheduler doesn’t show the time is available.

If I move the overflow event to another time, the other time shows up. For example, the original event is at 11am. At 50 sign-ups, the scheduler no longer shows 11am as being available, even though the three overflow events are set up for the same time. If I move one overflow event to 12pm, then 12 pm becomes available. Same with the other overflows, if I move the event to another time, that time appears to be available. If I move the overflow events back to the original time, 11am, that time still shows unavailable on the scheduler.

Any advice on how to correct this? I need to provide access for more than 50 attendees.

@hughSpark welcome to the Forum! I would need to take a closer look at your setup to understand this a bit more. If you have Teams turned on and have multiple calendars setup each of them should allow 50 folks to book. Each of the Custom Availability events need to be marked as FREE. We are testing out a new system and if the events are not set to FREE they will not appear. In the older system it would work if you were setting up Group bookings, as I unit would be used for the busy event.

Can you send me a private message with the page you are working with?

I’d be happy to pm you, but I don’t actually see how. Could you pm me, perhaps?

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When you click on a name you should be able to send a message:

But no worries, message from me is in bound. I will update this thread once we get things ironed out.