New booking overlap busy time

Hello, I’m currently using the free account. I have set up fixed length appointments of 2 hours. While testing, I have selected a time that may only have 1 hour of availability left. The booking still goes through. So I end up with an overlap. Any ideas? Is anyone else having this issue?

If the calendar is showing a busy event then a booking will not be possible. Could it be that this blocking event on your calendar was actually set to free? The system should not be allowing duplicate bookings. The last available time to book should be two hour before your specified end time of your availability, again pending any busy events on your connected calendar. Often folks may be looking at a different calendar as well.

Hi, I’ve just turned page on, and retried, and it allows booking even though not enough time left.

Lucy Fonti
Clearing the Path


Hi Lucy, I am sorry you are still having trouble with this. I checked on your settings and everything appears in order there. If your availability is not updating as you see on your calendar, you may need to add another busy event someplace to send a signal to our system to fetch the new information. While this may not guarantee that it will work, it is worth a shot.