Unavailable Time Slots

There are several time slots not being displayed on my booking page. While troubleshooting availability I discovered this is because there is a busy event in my calendar. However this booking page is not linked to a calendar.

Sent you a message about this, but if you are overlaying your availability with a connected calendar this will show conflicts:

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I don’t have any of my pages linked to a calendar. So I’m not sure how to correct this. Could it be that I have too many booking pages made and for some reason it is glitching? I was going to delete as many as I can today to see if that helps.

When you click into a date you are not seeing available times? Keep in mind that any booking that is already on the internal calendar will count as a busy event for all booking pages it is connected to.

Thank you, that makes sense. How do I go abouts purchasing more calendars?

Right now each YCBM account can have only 1 built in calendar. The options to allow for more calendars would be to integrate an external calendar and connect that to a booking page, or setup another account to use the built in calendar, and invite that account to join your account here: https://app.youcanbook.me/#/account/team