Creating Time Bookings for Multiple Resources in a Shared Calendar

I’m hoping to get some help understanding how to have 3 bookings per time increment. For example, I have 3 people using a shared calendar - each has availability in 15 minute increments over a 2 hour period each Tuesday evening. Is there a way to set up 3 available slots every 15 minutes that people can choose from?

Hi Jason, you can use Units per slot to allow 3 bookings per 15 minute time slot: Allowing more than one booking per time slot.

If you are using the teams feature then you won’t be able to specifically setup the booking to go to each team member. The only way to do this is to setup three separate calendars with individual availability. If you were to do this then you wouldn’t need units per slot. But if the team members are picking up the booking from the shared calendar then the units per slot might work for you.