Team Members - Overlapping Timeslots- Single Calendar Issue

Hello All,

I am helping a client who is attempting to find a booking solution for their company’s staff.
They found this app and have been attempting to configure it and have now asked me to have a look at it and I am stumped on getting one part set up.
There is one person in charge of the bookings, so they only need the one calendar linked to the account.
They have the various staff setup as ‘Team Members’, so that each person is bookable.
But it links back to the single calendar and this is where the issue comes in.
If someone books an appointment from 11am-12pm with team member X, then all other team members for that same time slot become locked, as the system detects there is a booking.
Upon searching around the options, I found the ‘Allow Multi Bookings Per Time Slot’ option, but this has the unintended result of allowing Team Member X to be booked multiple times during the same time slot, not just allowing multiple team members to be booked.

Is there a way to configure their options so that only the chosen team member is locked out for the selected time slot and allowing the other team members to also be booked in the same time slot, but not allowing double ups of the already booked team member?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Kind Regards

Hi Shaun, to keep the availability independent for each team member you will want to connect a unique calendar for each one. This will prevent one booking blocking time for another team member. If they only have one person managing things, then not using the teams calendar but units per slot may be the best route.

Hello Ben,

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, that was what the client was concerned about, creating separate calendars for each staff member / room at $10 per calendar and with the currency conversion, will push their subscription up to around $200.00 per month. Unfortunately they are only a small business and this price is too high for them. That’s why they thought if they only had one staff member handling the bookings, this would allow them to keep the cost down.

I have investigated the ‘units’ option, but this is what causes the issue where a client can then book the same team member in the same timeslot as another client (as the units option doesn’t allow a ‘team member’ to be considered a single bookable option)

So unfortunately it looks like this system isn’t going to work how they were hoping :disappointed:

Kind Regards

Hi Shaun, if you are using units you will want to turn off the team feature. This will allow X number of people to book at a certain time then the admin can assign someone to it after the booking happens.